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SoCal Lamborghini Club America


September 2020


The SoCal Lambo Club is an engaged community and our events fill up as soon as they are posted!  I have less news about upcoming events because our September events are already sold out.  This month's newsletter extends an invitation for a small group of 40 Club members to enjoy a weekend getaway to our 2nd annual Lambo Club Las Vegas event.  


It's a challenge to meet the interests of every community member.  Some of you love the exhilarating drives, others prefer the cars & coffee and the cruises, some of you want the luxury lifestyle experiences and others love the social interactions.  We're doing our best to provide variety to meet the interests of our diverse community. 

Please continue to share your ideas about what you want to experience.  This Club exists to serve you.  Thank you for being part of the Southern California - Lamborghini Club America family.  

~ Diane Pham (

Mobile (214) 995-8385

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October 16 - 18

2nd Annual Lambo Club Las Vegas

We're doing it again!  We invite you to attend the 2nd annual Lamborghini Club Las Vegas event.  This event is capped to 40 headcount due to Nevada COVID-19 regulations.  Event cost is $200 per person.  Additional event details will be released to participants after registration. 


Event Participation includes:  Organized drive with likeminded supercar owners; Official event memorabilia; Friday dinner and entertainment; Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other SoCal LCA News

Check out Photos & Videos from our August events - the Palomar run and the Malibu cruise!

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2020-08-23 10.50.11.jpg

August 20 - Jason Beats Cancer

Sometimes we get opportunities to bring joy to others through the sharing of our cars.  In early August a father reached out asking for just 1 Lambo to show up for his son's birthday.  We did better than that!  Jason Hernandez is a 12 yr old going through Stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. 


Jason’s doctors at Loma Linda Children’s

Hospital gives him a 50/50 survival chance

due to his age and advanced stage of cancer. 

He started radiation treatment this month

and still has more fight in front of him

until this cancer is fully beaten.  

Please follow his journey at


A BIG thank you to our Club members,

Chris & Dee, for making this great video to

remember the day.  


Rescheduled to August 2021

Supercars by the Sea - Italia Day 

Originally scheduled for Sunday, September 20th, the Supercars by the Sea events have been cancelled for the rest of the year.  The SoCal Lamborghini Club will be the headlining Club in August of 2021 for their Italian supercars special.


SOLD OUT!  September 20:  Livin' the Lambo Lifestyle 

This event is sold out.  We will start our morning with an easy cruise, enjoy a Huntington Beach Harbor cruise and end our afternoon together with a great BBQ luncheon.  A big thanks to our Club members who open their homes (and their boats) to our Lambo family for these wonderful kinds of experiences.  As much as we love to drive, we love the company of each other just as much! 


SOLD OUT!  September 25-27: Central Coast Bull Run


This event is sold out.  Central Coast Bull Run is a 3 day / 2 night weekend getaway with our Lamborghini family to beautiful Paso Robles.  NorCal LCA and SoCal LCA will merge in the middle and take on the Central Coast roads together.  This event is about having some fun, amazing driving, beautiful venues, delicious food and best of all, a gathering of owners whose loyalty to Lamborghini runs deep and strong. A big thanks is extended to Lamborghini Los Gatos and Lamborghini Newport Beach for their constant Club support.

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